Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2016


Hello everyone,
Today I want to give you a quick review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in That Glow.

The Glow Kit in "That Glow" contains 4 different Highlighter shades which are more on the golden bronze side which I think is perfect for summer. Especially if you want to achieve the bronzy goddess look. The packaging is made out of paper and you unfortunately don't have a mirror in it. There are know 3 different shades of the kits available and they retail for 40$ each.
I my opinion the packaging of the product is not on the high quality side BUT all the magic is inside...

...the highlighting powders themselves... THEY ARE BOMB. If you want people to see your highlight bling from across the street this product is for you! Or if you want to blind people with your glow you need this palette! Seriously these powders are soo pigmented and so metallic looking on the face you need just a tinny amount and you highlight will defiantly be on fleek. You can also build up the intensity by putting more powder on or spraying your brush with some fixing spray. The finish is defiantly more metallic than shimmery or glittery and it sits beautifully on the skin. The best thing is you can mix the powders and make you own custom shade. 
All in all I can say that these highlighters are defiantly worth the hype and the price! You get 4 very high quality highlighters for 40$. You won't need another highlighter in your life.

I hoped this was a bit helpful if you were thinking about getting these.
xx Tina 

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