Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

Jouer skin care

Hello beauties,
today I wanted to share something different with you: skin care! And specifically Jouer Cosmetics Skin Care! My 2 faves are the daily clarifying treatment oil and the anti-blemish matte primer.
I hope you enjoy!

I want to start with the daily clarifying treatment oil. This oil is perfect for breakout-prone skin as it is super light weight but yet feels so nourishing and hydrating on the skin! It is perfectly suitable of all skin types even oily skin! My skin tends to get really oily throughout the day so I love to use it at night over a serum or by itself. It doesn't leave you feeling greasy or oily as it instantly sinks into your skin! 

If you tend to have some breakouts here and there or if you suffer from under the surface bumps this will be your best friend! I had those bumps for so long and I've probably everything that is out there but this oil is what helped me to get rid of them! It made my skin so clear and smooth and with the lightweight texture it doesn't make me super oily or dry. I also love that it is perfume and paraben free and you only need 2-3 drops for your face and neck! If you have very oily skin I wouldn't recommend using it in the morning as your skin might get too oily throughout the day but it is the perfect addition to your nighttime routine if you still want to lock in the moisture while fighting against you breakouts because clarifying products use to be very drying so this may be perfect to prevent your skin from drying out.

Next we have the anti-blemish matte primer. This primer is defiantly my holy grail primer as it contains salicylic acid with will prevent your skin from breaking out and it is oil free which will help your skin to stay matte. But the best thing about it is that even dough it is oil free it won't dry out your skin! My foundation goes on so seamlessly on top of this primer and looks super healthy and smooth.
I like that unlike other mattifying primers this comes out like a cream and feels really refreshing on your skin. I love that with this primer you have the perfect base for your makeup to last and go on perfectly with the benefits of a high end skin care item. I usually apply it over a light moisturiser of if my skin feels super oily I use it alone on clean skin.

To sum up I can say that the Jouer skin care line is probably their most underrated line because it works so nicely and you really see a difference if you consistently use it! Of course you won't be able to see a difference by using it once or twice but I honestly saw my skin approving after about a month and it stayed pretty clear ever since I started to use these two.
Let me know what you think about Jouer skin care!

Love Tina

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