Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017

springtime in paris

Hello my loves,
today I have a little review and some swatches of the Jouer Springtime in Paris Collection.
I hope you enjoy!

I want to start off with the eyeshadow palette. This palette contains 7 matte and 5 shimmer shades and has everything from your pale highlighting color to cool and warm transition shades to very dark deepening shades. I love that it has a bit of everything which makes it really easy to create so many different looks using only this palette alone.

First Row: L-R Creme, Petal, Mauve, Aubergine

Second Row: L-R True Gold, Camel, Midnight, Rouge

Third Row: L-R Cinnamon, Ash Brown, Amethyst, Slate

Next up we have the lippis (L-R Lip Cream in "Rose Gold, Lip Topper in "Rose Gold", Lip Topper over the Lip Cream). The Lip Cream in "Rose Gold" is a very beautiful metallic rose gold shade (obviously) I'd love if they would make an eyeshadow of this shade. The Lip Topper hasn't much color to it but it has really pretty flecks of rose, pink, gold and green glitter in it and looks very beautiful by itself or over any Lipstick.

And last but not least we have the "Rose Gold" highlighter. It is a beautiful duo chrome rosy shade with a gold reflex to it. It is a really intense highlight as you can see in the picture right below where I used everything from the collection.

In conclusion I can say that it is a very versatile collection and it is perfect for the spring and summertime and the quality of the items is really amazing! The eyeshadows are super pigmented and the highlighter is really poppin'.

Love Tina

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