Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017


Hello beauties,
this time I wanted to give you a little review on the iluvsarahiiXcolourpop collection. This was the first time me ordering from to Germany and it was very easy and the shipping was free.
I hope you enjoy!

Let's  start with the eyeshadow palettes: I tried Colourpop shadows for the first time and I can say that they are some of the best eyeshadows I've ever tried! They are so buttery and pigmented is insane and they blend like a dream! I am obsessed with the colour combos iluvsarahii chose! You can create so many different looks with each palette and even more when you use both of them! The "Chick-Y" palette is probably gonna be my everyday go to palette because you can create everything from day to night time and it is perfect for traveling! I honestly would still get both palettes because the such a high quality and so versatile.

Chick-Y palette (L-R: Distressed, Viviacious, Freckles, Noche)

$aucey palette (L-R: Heavy Glam, Chick Happens, Lit, Razy)

Next we have the lippies. And this is no surprise that iluvsarahii picked just the perfect shades as she defiantly is the LIPQUEEN! First we have "Mamacita" which is a deep burgundy shade and a Ultra Matte Formula and I tried the Colourpop formula for the first and the Ultra Matte formula is kinda drying (similar to the Kylie one) but the color is so beautiful and sultry. Then we have "951" which is  a mid toned brownish mauve shade which is sooo beautiful on any skin tone and it is a Ultra Satin formula which I prefer because it feels so amazing on the lips but is still long lasting. And last but not least we have "Curvii" which is a light peachy nude gloss with tiny little reflex of glitter in it and with the lip pencil (which is a little darker) or looks so stunning on the lips! It makes your lips look so plump.

L-R: Curvii (Lip Pencil - Gloss), 951 (Lip Pencil - Ultra Satin), Mamacita (Lip Pencil - Ultra Matte)

To sum up I can say that I am really impressed with the Colourpop formulas and the amazing prices! And the shipping to Germany was fairly fast and I didn't have any problems at all! The collection is absolutely stunning!! iluvsarahii (Karen) did an amazing job! I think there is something for every skin tone and taste! Can't wait to create more looks using this collection!

Love Tina

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