Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Kylie Jenner Glosses

Hello everyone,
today I want to give you a review on the new Kylie Jenner lip glosses.

There are three shades, Like, Literally, So Cute. They are all brownie nude shades. There is one perfect nude for everyone no matter if your skin tone is very light or very dark.
The glosses are not sticky and feel very creamy on the lips. Plus they are very pigmented they are almost like glossy liquid lipsticks so you don't necessarily need to apply a lipstick or a lipliner first. But because they are super glossy and not mat they don't last as long as Kylies matte liquid lipsticks.

They come in cute boxes and retail for 15$. I personally think that the price is very justified for such a high quality product.

Swatches from L to R: So Cute, Literally, Like

To sum up I can say that they are really nice pigmented lip glosses. The colors are very pretty and are perfect for everyday wear. They don't dry out the lips at all and smell really nice same as the liquid lipsticks do. The only thing I don't love about those lipglosses is the applicator. It's not a doe foot applicator like most lip glosses have it's a brush applicator. It applies a lot product at once and every time I put the brush back in the tube I am scared to ruin the brush and what is very annoying is that I was one of those who ordered on 4/1 and therefore I got some of the old brushes. I hope Kylie Cosmetics will send me the new brushes soon. Plus this time the shipping took soo long! It first took one week for Kylie Cosmetics to ship the glosses. and second my package got stuck in custom clearance in Germany for more than 2 weeks! So it took more than 3 weeks to get to Germany. Last time it took only one week.

I hope you found it helpful!
Love Tina

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