Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

Bronze Godess

Hey cuties,
today I created this look for you only by using the Morphe 35W palette.

1. I took this shade which is slightly darker than my skin tone and placed it all over my crease up to my brow bone.
2. As my initial transition shade I used this medium camel shade and put it into my crease.
3. To further deepen the crease I used this darker brown shade. I also placed it into my inner and outer corner to create a halo effect.
4. I took this dark brown shade to deepen the same places as with color 3.
5. This very pretty shimmery brown shade I placed in the center of my lid with a wet brush.
6. I placed this shimmery gold shade in the very center of the lid to brighten it up a little.

Then applied some false lashes (RedCherry #48) and put some Kylie Cosmetic Literally lip gloss on my lips.

I hope you enjoyed it!

xx tina

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