Sonntag, 28. August 2016

white and berry

Hello cuties,
lately I've been obsessing over different kinds of eyeliners, I've done a pink double liner now this gorgeous white liner and there is another really fun color coming up so stay tuned for that one.
I hope you enjoy this white liner and berry cut crease look!

To start of the eyes I used "Golden Ochre" form the ABH Modern Renaissance palette (as all the shades that I will be using for this look) as my initial transition color. Then I took "Burnt Orange" to further deepen the crease. To define the crease I used "Red Ochre" on a pencil brush and blended it in an upwards motion. And to really carve out the crease I mixed "Love Letter"and "Venetian Red" on an even smaller brush and really defined the crease. To brighten up the lid I used "Tempera" all over the lid. Next I used NYX White Liqid Liner and created a thick winged liner.

For Lips I used the NYX Lip Lingerie in "Exotic 12" and to bronze up my face I used Nars "Laguna" bronzer. For Highlighter I applied The Balm "MaryLouManizer" on the tops of my cheekbones.

XX Tina

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