Dienstag, 1. November 2016

Dark Elegance of a Swan

Hello beauties,
today I want to show you some items form the new Makeup Factory "Dark Elegance of a Swan" collection and how I used them to create this look.
I hope you enjoy!

For my eyes I started off my applying Mac "Malt" eyeshadow all over my crease. Then I took Makeup Geek "Frappe" and focused it on the outer V of my eye. After that to further define the crease I used Mac "Swiss Chocolate" and to darken the crease even more I used Makeup Geek "Mocha" eyeshadow.

First I used the Metallic Eye Color Fluid on the inner part of my eye. As you an see in the picture it is really pigmented and metallic with just one swipe. It is also really easy to blend out and drys so quickly! When it's set, it's defiantly budge proof.

Then to make the inner part of my lid even sparklier I used the Luxury Glitter Cream in   "No. 9 Desert Rose". And to highlight my inner corner I used the shade "No 3 Metallic White".
I have to say that the formula of these is a little bit different. The rosy one is more pigmented and there is less chunky glitter, whereas the white one is more sheer and has little chucks of glitter in it. Personally I like both formulas: white white one as a topper to make every eyeshadow more glittery and the rose one as an all over lid shade.

Then I took the Metallic Eyeliner in in "No 72 Graceful Rose" and applied it to my waterline. I have to say that it didn't really show up in my waterline but it is really beautiful to use as a regular eyeliner  on the top or lower lash line.

To sum it up I can say that this is a beautiful collection! Although I only got the more light shades I really love this collection and I will defiantly continue using it.

Xo Tina

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